Xylem International Meeting (XIM5)

Welcome to XIM5, September 19-21, Würzburg, Germany

The Fifth Xylem International Meeting (XIM5) once more will bring together scientists and students from all over the world with strong interest in the various fields of plant hydraulics. In times of a rapidly changing climate, our discipline is receiving increasing attention. The meeting therefore aims to stimulate exchange of knowledge, experience and concepts between scientists and laboratories working on plant hydraulic topics.

In the present edition, the focus of the meeting will be on the adaptation and evolution of plants in a changing climate. In addition to the commonly covered topics in plant hydraulics, such as i) xylem structure and function, the scientific sessions will address ii) applied plant hydraulics, iii) drought-induced tree mortality, iv) evolutionary history, v) plant hydraulic models, and vi) variability in hydraulic traits. Each of these sessions will be introduced by an invited keynote talk.

For almost two years, the pandemic situation prevented us from attending physical meetings, but virtual meetings cannot replace the personal exchange during the coffee breaks and after-conference events. The organization committee is therefore looking forward to welcoming you in person in Würzburg. In case national regulations prevent you from attending the meeting in September, you will be able to join virtually, as XIM5 will be held in a semi-hybrid format. However, because the number of available seats is limited, please only register if you intent to travel to Würzburg, Germany.

See you in Würzburg, a region famous for its viticulture.